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Its like looking at landscape photography.
But at least this looks more interesting.

Fellow full time engineers, how much of you working week is actually sound engineering?

Genuine question.
This includes rigging sound equipment, sound checks etc.
Just not moving furniture, meetings, office crap etc.
In hours or % whatever is easier.

Metal bands are the nicest bands in the world.

You all need to try a lot harder at being human.

TTNG at Epic Studios. (Formally this town needs guns). More RAD (at Epic)

Olympians at Epic Studios.
Rad Vibes (at Epic)

Jake Morrell at Epic Studios (at Epic)

Buzzcocks at Epic Studios. I’m getting to run FOH which is nice. (at Epic)

Homemade things at FOH. Hope it doesn’t fail on their sound engineer.

Sketchy as fuck. Apparently the supplier thinks it’s ok to send this rigging platform for two 20k lumen projectors weighing 60kg each. Wobblecity

Havok (USA) at Epic Studios (at Epic)

And while we are done rigging Howard Jones. We have a metal thrash night straight after….. #normaldayattheoffice (at Epic)

Howard Jones and his setup.

Projection screen plus kabuki drop screen in front. Again, sure. #moneyisnoobject

20k projector. One of two. Cause that makes sense.

Tonight’s guest desk. Behringer X32. #nopenonformethanks