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Recent filiming from the John Peel Fundraiser Gig where Bearsuit Played. Enjoy all of it or skip to about 43 mins left to see them Bears. Laters

Mega fun last night»>!!! Got to run sound for Bearsuit at Epic Tv Studios. They were supporting THE FALL and THE UNDERTONES, which was also a perk.
The room sounded amazing, one of my top 3 live rooms to have ever worked in.
Great stage and it was all filmed by the studio too. HUGE screens for everyones pretty faces.
Got to use an M7 too which is always fine. 

The Bears were awesome and all the new material sounds rad!
Cant wait for the next tour and album. 

One whole year

I have had this blog now for one year, so as it’s a sunday I have looked back over what I have accomplished.
First I’m amazed I have managed to keep the blog going this long. My attention span sucks, and I’ll usually start/make/buy something, use it religiously for a month, then it gets forgotten. So yay that.
Its been the happiest year I have ever had. It’s itself thats enough. Due substantially to my partner Tori Cann
The other highlights have been (in no particular order) - Become main and senior sound engineer at Norwich Arts Centre. This in turn has given me greater opportunities to learn, experience awesome shows, meet amazing people and generally have an fantastic job. And then there is everything else.

  • Going on Tour 3 Times
  • Sound engineering at SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Primavera.
  • Seeing DFA 1979, Sufjan Steven.
  • Using digital sound desk for the first time in my life ( and not dying).
  • Working with Fever Fever, who gave me so much mainly my first tour
  • Working with Bearsuit, who took me on a grand adventuro
  • playing double bass
  • Learning Jah Wobble is a prick
  • Going to Iceland, Barcelona x2, Austin - Texas, Toronto

All in all this has been a great year. Bring on the next 365 days.




Bearsuit - Train Wreak - Primavera 

Via Crappy mobile phone


Bearsuit - adidas stage primavera!

Desk that nearly melted my mind

Sleep Depravation, and 5 star hotel with no wifi.

Well we’re here and safe. Very tired due to getting up at 2am and not really sleeping since.
Got my festival pass and a sofa to sleep on.
Got to have a brief and chaotic sound check today, but everything should be awesome.
Bearsuit will grace the Adidas classic stage at 8:30pm. So not long.

Running on empty so i think i should prob eat and drink. All feels like a dream….


The eve of chaos

at 3am tonight I will leave my lovely girlfriend and home to venture off to Barcelona in Spain. The gracious Bearsuit shall be looking after my self and keeping me from darkness and pain.

The awesomeness that is Primavera awaits….. 


Late Night Programing.

Just programming Bearsuit’s show for this weekend.

Geek fail.


Holy Crap, Its worth £50,000

Im doing sound for BEARSUIT at Primavera Festival in Barcelona. And basically I get to use £50,000 worth of just desk.

5 days from now, yes only 5, I get to play with this desk. Its a yamaha PM5D-RH.
So I’ve printed off 100 pages of “quick guide” manaul to read and Im already freakin out.

It’ll be seat of my pants, heart exploding, dont crash the car fun.

I’ll let you know…..


Primavera, DFA and the great bits either side.

Afternoon to all, please excuse myself not post anything for a while, I’ve been distracted. There is lots to tell but if you already know me then I’ve probably already told you, but I want to tell you all again.

Recent adventures include.
Seeing DFA 1979 at the HMV Forum in london. It has to be the single greatest thing I have ever experienced. I love DFA and they played ever fucking song. I think I ended up smiling for at least 24 hours solid after it all. 

Last night we had Rolo Tomassi played my wonderful work place, Norwich Arts Centre. (Which you should vote for here as greatest small venue in the UK). It was an awesome gig, loud, trashy and mad. Also having Holy State as main support was insane, never thought having fleetwood mac on before a set would be such a good idea. Great night.

Only ten days into may and still so much left to look forward too…

On the 19th Im off with to see Sufjan Stevens at the Manchester Apollo. Im going with my amazing girlfriend Tori, And its going to be visually and sonically mind blowing.

Then off to Primavera with the fabulous Bearsuit to do some sound work. And watch some bands maybe, but I’ll let you know later.

All in all fucking brilliant month so far, and I promise to keep you all up to date with it all.


SXSW - DAY 3 - Bearsuit in the Outdoors

Had a fucking hot day today. It was the first day with bearsuit and we had 2 shows across town. First was at Aussie bar and grill with the band stage facing a volley ball court. Which always seem like a good idea until the band start getting distracted.
They second at waterloo cycles outside under a army paracute. And as a bonus the sound desk was giving me electric shocks. nice. 
Both shows today are outside which seemed like a grand idea until the temp hit 29*c. This then led to mousey from bearsuit getting heat stroke and funkin out while playing. Awesome.
From this we then (all two seperate touring parties) met up at Fever Fevers motel hotel and drank lots of beers and caught up on our individual adventures. Its ace being over here with two awesome Norwich bands. Both deservedly so. I love them all and have to pinch myself its all really happening

More will follow and pictures will go up when I get back to the UK.

SXSW - DAY 2 - The Learning Day

Another day at SXSW. Third Man Mobile Record Store, Seasick Steve, Mischa Barton and more free booze. Got to meet Micheal Shiels from Dinosaur Pileup, he’s cool and he know’s Josh Homme. Now waiting for the imminent arrival of Bearsuit when we’ll sleep and get ready for our 2 shows tomorrow.

SXSW - DAY 1 - The Beginning

Well todays been brilliant, SXSW is mind blowing. So much free stuff, loads of people everywhere. 2 Breakfasts. Free booze. Saw Joy formidable acoustic which was ace. Then on to watch Pulled Apart by Horses destroy amazingly the Latitude 30 british embassy show!!! Now bed. Not bad for my day off. Same again tomorrow for when Bearsuit arrive!!