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Thanks ps+

This game is fucking awesome

Promoted at Work to Technical Coordinator

I am mega happy to say as of today I am Technical Coordinator and Live/Broadcast Sound Engineer at Epic Studios.

I now run and manage all things tech at work.

Awesome Tuesday!



Get ready … it’s pizza time! We’ve teamed up with the most bodacious Turtles around, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, for a collection of tees that will have you saying “Cowabunga, dudes!” 

From 1014 submissions, the 15 printed designs are now available on guys, girly, and kids tees. We want to give you the entire collection and a FULL-SIZED Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-player arcade game!

Want to win this totally tubular arcade game? Here’s how!

Had a live rehearsal tonight with Psalms, and awesome new band in Norwich.

Keep your eye and ears ready to be crushed by how fucking awesome they sound. 
We are coming to london on wednesday. Rad adventures ahead.

Adebisi Shank - Thunder

I fucking love this band. This new song is ace.
Please come tour the UK!!!

Tonight we have 

…..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

playing for tweeoff!! at nac, so come down and do something useful with your monday night. TV sucks and your scalextric can wait.

Todays adventure involved myself and my Norwich Arts Centre colleagues going to PLASA 2012 at Earls Court in London. Alex my right hand sound engineer and technican and Scottie my LD and “Events manager”.
It was a LED fueled haze of techs looking and touching knobs, faders, screens and each others beards and my main objective was to play with sound boards. 
I got to try out the new Yamaha CL series (which are so much better than I anticipated), pushed some faders on a Sound Craft Vi1, also as good as everyone says they are. Used a Midas Pro2. Not my cup of tea, sorry but It was too clunky and slow. (again prob me). And saw what the Allen and Heath GLD and ilive was like. Amazing for the price.

We talked shop and pretended we had lots of money. Played with lots of lights and desks. I also got to play with the Avolites media desk that ran the LED screens in the Olympic Staduim, which was awesome. 

I now have tired legs and my eyes hurt from all the immense lighting.
All in all a productive and awesomely geeky day. 

Here are some pictures. Scroll left and enjoy.

Got bought a new toy by Wendy Roby.
It’s fucking amazing, going to play it through the pa after tonights gig.
It’s a stylophone and drum machine.

We Are Scientists @ Norwich Arts Centre

A brilliant photo submitted of Tall Ships from last nights show.
Thanks Mike of Big Success

Tall Ships @ Norwich Arts Centre

no picture. I was having too much fun.

The worlds biggest banner, which in the end got sacked off.
That was a fun 20 mins!

On tuesday I got to help setup an awesome sound installation.
It was in an old Mc Donalds on Westlegate, Norwich.
Everything had been stripped out about 15 years ago and it left this huge cave-like concrete bunker. It sound mad, like a 4 sec reverb on all the time. 
It was all part of The Neutrinos - ‘Butcher of Common Sense’ performance.
The night was going to have bands and sound work throughout this whole building.
Above is a few picture of the space. 

Cocos Lovers @ Norwich Arts Centre

Job done.