SXSW - DAY 3 - Bearsuit in the Outdoors

Had a fucking hot day today. It was the first day with bearsuit and we had 2 shows across town. First was at Aussie bar and grill with the band stage facing a volley ball court. Which always seem like a good idea until the band start getting distracted.
They second at waterloo cycles outside under a army paracute. And as a bonus the sound desk was giving me electric shocks. nice. 
Both shows today are outside which seemed like a grand idea until the temp hit 29*c. This then led to mousey from bearsuit getting heat stroke and funkin out while playing. Awesome.
From this we then (all two seperate touring parties) met up at Fever Fevers motel hotel and drank lots of beers and caught up on our individual adventures. Its ace being over here with two awesome Norwich bands. Both deservedly so. I love them all and have to pinch myself its all really happening

More will follow and pictures will go up when I get back to the UK.

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SXSW - DAY 2 - The Learning Day

Another day at SXSW. Third Man Mobile Record Store, Seasick Steve, Mischa Barton and more free booze. Got to meet Micheal Shiels from Dinosaur Pileup, he’s cool and he know’s Josh Homme. Now waiting for the imminent arrival of Bearsuit when we’ll sleep and get ready for our 2 shows tomorrow.

SXSW Fever Fever bearsuit Josh Homme

Canada. The First Day

Well Im here. Toronto. It took 15 hours of commuting to get here, but finally here.
Now eating pancakes, enough to make me have to sit down and rest for an hour.

Today is the first day for being a sound engineer in Canada, so properly crapping myself. Im with the amazing Fever Fever, and we have two shows tonight as part of the CMF (Canadian Music Festival). First slot at 10:40 then second venue at 2:00am.

Photos and Adventure to follow»»

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