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The last big hurrah.
It was ace and very sad. 

Last ever Fever show tonight, so come down and wave good bye to an awesome era of noise. You have no excuses.

Its at the HOG IN ARMOUR - NOT TAKE 5.

Today is not a good day.
Fever Fever, those awesome noise masters, have called it a day and hung up their sticks and guitars.
I’m super bummed and miserable as these lovely wonderful people are one of the main reasons I’m still doing this job today. They took me on tour and across the planet, and for that I will be eternally grateful. 
It’s a dark moment for me but I wish them all the best with what ever the future brings them. They are the most ace bunch of crunch fuzzers I know.

FFF x 

Fever Fever, Shakelwell-good

Last night was awesome fun.
I got to work with Fever Fever again at the Shacklewell Arms, at their first headline London show. It was mega fun with support from Bitches and Ice See Dead People. Its always brilliant to work with those guys and last night was extra special. The venue was a converted old reggae dance hall behind a normal looking bar. So loads of murals and interesting decor (Multicolour tiled mirror ball etc). Nice sound setup and once the room was packed, so I was a happy chap. All in all a great night with awesome support and an amazing show by the Fevers.

Tonight im off to work at a new local venue called Open, which should be good. Five band night and I get to work with some ace locals like Olympians and Eyes.

Rosie’s beast of an amp

Tonights desk. Meh.

Pre sound check prep.

Off to London with Fever Fever!!!

Last night was awesome!!!

Tonnes of fantastic people, great venue and lots of fun.
I forgot how awesome working a Fever show can be. 

Fever Fever - Camden Barfly

Barfly, London with FEVER FEVER tomorrow!!!

It’s been too long.
London Barfly be ready.
It will be RAD!

One whole year

I have had this blog now for one year, so as it’s a sunday I have looked back over what I have accomplished.
First I’m amazed I have managed to keep the blog going this long. My attention span sucks, and I’ll usually start/make/buy something, use it religiously for a month, then it gets forgotten. So yay that.
Its been the happiest year I have ever had. It’s itself thats enough. Due substantially to my partner Tori Cann
The other highlights have been (in no particular order) - Become main and senior sound engineer at Norwich Arts Centre. This in turn has given me greater opportunities to learn, experience awesome shows, meet amazing people and generally have an fantastic job. And then there is everything else.

  • Going on Tour 3 Times
  • Sound engineering at SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Primavera.
  • Seeing DFA 1979, Sufjan Steven.
  • Using digital sound desk for the first time in my life ( and not dying).
  • Working with Fever Fever, who gave me so much mainly my first tour
  • Working with Bearsuit, who took me on a grand adventuro
  • playing double bass
  • Learning Jah Wobble is a prick
  • Going to Iceland, Barcelona x2, Austin - Texas, Toronto

All in all this has been a great year. Bring on the next 365 days.




NAC Recording Project - Fever Fever

My first recording. Basic Left/Right mix direct from desk.

Fever Fever 17 06 2011 by iseenoise

Fever Fevers Website.